Pickering Bookkeeping and Accounting Services has a range of clients across the Small to Medium scale of businesses. Here are a few comments on John Pickering and the services that he has provided our clients

Well here is an interesting challenge….How does a Sales & Marketing Manager end up making a recommendation about an Accountant?
It’s like comparing two alien worlds, one is exciting,innovative,creative and the other one, it could be argued, is as fulfilling as watching paint dry !…
But have you ever watched psychedelic paint dry? Because to have achieved and held the dizzy heights of Chief Finance Officer at a News Limited Division responsible for a multi million dollar turnover is no mean feat for anyone….. John just happened to make it an ‘ Off the Wall ‘ experience for those people lucky enough to have worked with him while he crunched those numbers….. Because John is as great with the numbers and balance sheets as he is with his larger than life personality. Anyone engaging John’s services will quickly come to respect his work ethic, while needing a little more time to soak up his quick wit, humour and frankness on just about any topic you are brave enough to raise……. John Pickering….Bean Counter and Raconteur an experience that needs to be sampled with some urgency……”
– Kerry Brunton, Marketing, Promotions, Events & Fundraising Consultant

Details of the Recommendation: “When we originally set up our business on Xero things were done in a bit of a hurry, so the accounts were in a bit of a mess. John dug in deep, straightened out the chart of accounts and pretty soon had everything nice and tidy. Banks all nicely reconciled, payroll neat as a pin! We have confidence in recommending John as reliable, trustworthy and good value.
Bush and Beach Homes.”
Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2012
Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

– Chris Sly, Bush and Beach Homes, CEO

John Pickering has been working with Business Matters Magazie for two years now and is now also doing our bookkeeping for Why Fitness Magazine. The most important thing in my businesses is to focus on the stuff that I am good at and that brings me income. The stuff that I am not very good at, I actually sometimes don’t want to or need to get better at, at first with my bookkeeping I thought I had to learn how to do it and do it all myself. I certainly didn’t and don’t enjoy it, so I quickly realised that actually getting a professional to do it saved me stress, time and money.
John has been an absolute pleasure to deal with, he is honest, reliable and fantastic at what he does. He is the type of man that you could trust with pin numbers etc and absolute know for sure that he would NEVER do the wrong thing, it just isn’t in his make up.
He has been doing this a long time so he can do it quickly and correctly, which means I can spend time on other things that help bring in the income.
Thanks John for being a pleasure to deal with, a bookkeeper with a sense of humour is something a little different too. I think having an accountancy degree also gives me more faith that John knows exactly what he is doing and he is often coming up with ideas to help save the business money.
How does it can much better than that.

– Vicki Magic, Business Matters Magazine